Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How can I hang my tapestry?
All of our tapestries have either a rod pocket sewn into the top or have tabs attached. It is then possible to use one of our 5 sizes of hanging rods for tapestries up to about 225cm wide.
Alternatively and for large tapestries without tabs a batten can be passed through the rod pocket and screwed to the wall. In this case the batten should be cut slightly shorter than the width of the tapestry and a holed drilled near to each end. The tapestry can be folded back slightly at the end to enable a screw to be fitted. This type of fixing will then be invisible once completed.

Q.How can I remove creases from my tapestry?
Creases can be removed using a warm iron on the reverse.

Q.How can I clean my tapestry?
Generally all that is required is light vacuuming with a soft brush head. Dry cleaning can be employed if necessary. DO NOT WASH.

Q.Where are your tapestries made?
The centre for tapestry weaving in the past was Flanders and even today most of our tapestries are woven in northern France or Belgium. A small number are woven in Italy.