Beatrix Potter Cushion - The Tailor of Gloucester 36cm x 36cm

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Brand: Beatrix Potter

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A delightful cushion complete with a feather or fibre inner of Beatrix Potter's Tailor of Gloucester.

The story is about a tailor whose work on a waistcoat is finished by the grateful mice he rescues from his cat and was based on an actual event involving a tailor and his assistants. For many years Potter declared that of all her books it was her personal favourite.

In the summer of 1901, Potter heard of an account about a poor tailor near the Gloucestershire home of her cousin Caroline Hutton. The tale was based on a real story involving John Pritchard, a Gloucester tailor, who was commissioned to make a suit for the new mayor. He returned to his shop one Monday morning to find the suit completed except for one buttonhole. A note attached read, "No more twist". His assistants had finished the coat in the night, but Pritchard encouraged a tale that fairies had done the work and the incident became a local legend.

Potter sketched the Gloucester street where the tailor's shop stood as well as cottage interiors, crockery, and furniture. The son of her cousin's coachman posed cross-legged as a model for the mouse tailor. In Chelsea, Potter was allowed to sketch the interior of a tailor's shop and she visited the costume department at the Victoria and Albert Museum to refine her illustrations of 18th century dress.

This product is produced under licence from Beatrix Potter and is therefore representative of her original designs.

The cushion front is a woven tapestry panel produced in Belgium using the same techniques as our tapestry wallhangings.

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